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How much can a DUI charge cost in Erie?

Facing a DUI charge is a serious matter that can have long-lasting financial implications. If you’re living in Erie, Pennsylvania, and find yourself in this situation, it’s crucial to understand what you might be up against. A report from WTAJ has shed light on the average costs associated with a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania.

If you do not have a DUI on your record, the answer might surprise you: around $13,500. Here’s a breakdown of the expenses you might incur:

  • Arrest, court, and legal fees: Around $2,300
  • Alcohol/drug treatment and education: Approximately $1,000
  • Defense attorney fees: On average, $3,655
  • Increased insurance premiums: Expect about $3,600 more per year
  • Ignition interlock device: Installing this in your vehicle will cost roughly $2,172
  • Department of Revenue and DMV fees: These can add up to about $773

These costs reflect the direct and indirect consequences of a DUI charge on your finances, emphasizing the importance of the decisions you make following an arrest.

The value of experienced legal defense

Few people are eager to spend several months’ salary due to a conviction for driving while drunk or high, especially if they did not do it or the police violated their rights during the traffic stop. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help by investigating the evidence and developing a strategy for working toward reduced charges, a dismissal or a not-guilty verdict at trial.

Remember, the choices you make after a DUI arrest can influence your financial future. Seeking the counsel of a skilled attorney is an investment in your defense and can be the difference between facing the full brunt of these costs or reducing them substantially.