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Can fathers gain an edge for shared custody?

Fathers and mothers have equal legal rights to custody during the divorce process in Pennsylvania. Until the judge makes a ruling for the custody, both parents have the right to determine where their children reside and any other issues that might crop up.

Encouraging fathers to take custody hearings seriously

For many years, judges often thought that the parent who should oversee young children was the mother. However, family law proceedings now recognize that fathers are equally capable of taking care of the children and that children benefit from being raised by both parents.

Nevertheless, most fathers still think that family court will favor the mother when it comes to custody issues. Equal parenting rights belong to both parents, so fathers should take custody proceedings seriously and fight to protect these rights.

What fathers should do if they want equality in custody proceedings

Every father has a right to raise his kids regardless of his marital status. Divorce does not negate the parental right of the father. Also, it does not give the mother more rights to the children born during the union. Because of this, the father should not be content with a custody ruling that does not involve them. You should know that you still have a right to see your children when they are sick, visit them when you feel that they need your physical presence and participate in raising them daily.

In addition, fathers should be optimistic during the court process. A family lawyer may assist you in recognizing that you have a fair opportunity to secure the custody of your children.

Divorce does not mean that you were an irresponsible father. The relationship you have with your former spouse should not deter your association with your children. Contact a reasonable family lawyer who will guide you in a custody case in court.